R eiki (Ray-kee) is an ancient healing art that is a gentle, non-invasive, natural treatment method. Its origins are ancient Tibetan; it was rediscovered in the late 1800s by Japanese educator Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki means universal life force energy-the chi which flows through all living things. It has no religious affiliation and requires no special belief system or ability to be effective. The treatment is usually hands-on,or hands above the body, but can be distant. Reiki works on all levels (physical, spiritual, mental and emotional) and complements and enhances all other treatment methods.
Why Reiki?

  • promotes relaxation response

  • alleviates pain

  • assists in restoration of mind/body balance

  • releases stress

  • promotes healing and restful sleep

Reiki is a technique that addresses both chronic and acute conditions, gently and powerfully promoting the normal regenerative processes of the body and mind as well as harmony among all the body's systems. Medical research has focused on Reiki's effects (with impressive results) rather than how it creates the healing experience.

Reiki is not just a pure healing technique: its biggest value is based on attaining emotionally healthy state, expanding emotional and spiritual intelligence. REIKI IS VIBRATION OF UNIVERSAL UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
Ability of practicing Reiki means that practitioner has established connection with his/her higher emotional and spiritual energies (Higher emotional body and spiritual bodies in Aura. This is partially the source of healing energies which flow through practitioner´s body). Practitioner becomes connected with his/her own higher vibrational parts of self, which are more loving, intelligent and conscious, more Divine, more perfect; changing the consciousness to the more healthier level naturally acures while sending healing energies.
The main difference between Reiki system and the other spiritual techniques is that emotional health and love is able to flow through the whole body, whenever practised.

It is much easier to develop healthy emotional habits, while using Reiki: Reiki IS EMOTIONAL HEALTHY ENERGY (Universal love).

Energetic techniques are based on the fact that we all are already in possession of all our qualities and abilities, because we are all part of one creative source, one Divine intelligence who / which creates us all the time. This Source is EVERYTHING what was, what is and what will be. We can always choose to be in contact with our Source, our Source has ALL energies and vibrations we need or we can imagine, so we just have to get used to be and stay connected to that source which will provide us with all high quality energies we need (practice is of main importance).

Main diference to the other spiritual techniques is that emotional health and love is able to flow through the whole body, whenever practised. After Reiki, when you pray, you feel energy of prayer through all body, heart and soul, when youmeditate, you feel fow of energy, when you sing spiritual songs, you feel them more completely. Spiritual experiences are much deeper, and more useful with Reiki, because you use energy of your spiritual experiences for healing yourself, the others, the world.

Every process of attunenment and Reiki course is deep emotionally healing session, where are many aura wounds and blockages transformed and healed and few important energy centres are activated:
1.Thymus (heart chakra)
2. Pineal and pituitary gland
3. Energetic centres on palms , which influences possibility of giving / sharing.
4. Flow of energy through spine is also healed, as much as possible, so energy can flow more easily up and down.

After all that, it happens the following:
  • People start to feel the joy of living, more active and motivated.

  • Immunity becomes stronger, practitioners become healthier

  • Energy level is increased, because attunements opens energetic channels (nadias) which are responsible for bringing vital energy from Aura to body level. Energy flows through all Acupunture meridians, every cell and atom can feel that energy, and get impulse for balance and self-healing.

After attunenment, cource and by practicing the technique people start to change, emotionally become more open:
-they feel much more self-love and self-respect (gift of self-healing , self-balancing and healing the others is great one and starts to change emotional intelligence permanently!)
- Feel more connected with others and more sensitive to the needs of the others,
- Empathy starts to become natural
- They become more able for team-working and cooperation, because of group meditation and exchanging the healing and spiritual energies with others, what opens a completely new level of communications with others.
- Focus becomes better
- They start to develop spiritual intelligence as well, so they become able to look all what is happening from higher perspective, so Reiki is transforming the fears into love in action.
-They become more spiritualy connected to the other people, to the other living beings, to the nature, to the whole planet Earth.

Reiki also teaches about very simple and highly effective meditations which:

  • Help to reduce stress

  • Increase concentration

  • Increase possibility of visualisation which helps people to achieve their goals

  • Increase personal power and strenghtness self-esteem.

  • People learn how can transform obstacles into advanteges

Reiki can be used on many ways, as a part of group working, because it attunes whole group on the same level of emotional healthy energy , so they feel like a whole and become more cooperative (this is part of consciousness which this energy carries within) .
When group of people is able to meditate together for purpose achieving the goals, the success comes much more easier, because meditation harmonizes individual energies and combines them to the group purpose.

Reiki is useful you in every area of human life, YOU CAN SEND IT TO ANY SITUATION YOU WANT TO IMPROVE; and put on higher vibrational level:

  • For healing the illnesses

  • For energizing food & water

  • For healing the sorrunding, nature, animals or sending it long-distance, to support someone

  • For groups who are interested in new, approach to business (or anything else), because Reiki teaches how group can create high quality future possibilities without loosing energies for competitions. Group energies united and connected can create and attain desired goals very quickly. This is highly effective technique, quantum leap which saves the time, as well.

  • For improving relationships in families. It is interesting to mention that children naturally become attuned to Reiki energies, if parents are practicing it. While having gift of healing, many family problems can be avoided, transformed, because people get used to new approach in solving problems: while performing that technique, due to the healthy vibrations of universal love this technique has, family can see all members as unique and special part of One divine being, so fights and misunderstandings are changed with cooperation, deep connection and understanding.

  • For improving any type of relationship .By changing the point of view and seeing the others and all situation from «higher perspective» progress in relationship can be attained on easy way, especially if every member is ready to change the point of view.

All animals adore receiving Reiki. Who would not like to receive Universal Love?
Animals easily respond on healing energies, because always like to have more life force. And love to be loved. Love is the strongest healing remedy.

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