My near Death Experience -NDE

Today, in my 40-tees, I am happy, cheerful person, trying to look at the positive or humorist side of every happening in my life. And also I am aware that I am creator of my life.

That was not the case in my 20-tees, that age of mine was much more complicated, and I did not feel so positive and self-confident at all. And, sometimes, was not able to find many reasons to live on this planet. But, deep down I was very aware that DEATH - just does not exist, and that we always LIVE, in one form or another. Whenever I was thinking what death could be like, there was only one, crystal vision: complete freedom of bondage, being part of whole endless Universe, nothing to be afraid of, just love and contentment ...The state of existence where we can breathe together with breath of the shining stars, where we can live full capacity of our abilities as loved children of the universe.

Thanks to the intensive spiritual practice ( Reiki and meditations), I learned how to re-connect this feeling of freedom and wholeness with the Universe, with my everyday life.

My NDE experience occurred when I was 26, at that time, I had recently started to explore spirituality.

It was early in the morning, just after my night shift in hotel where I worked as receptionist. I was in the kitchen with some of my colleagues, having early morning chat and drinking coffee. They started to talk about certain topic, which I found very unpleasant ( just reminded me on one of mine ex-traumatic experience). After a while I started to feel very dizzy, could not breathe properly, and could not see properly as well.

I walked out from the kitchen towards the main door, I needed to breathe the fresh air. Somewhere on the way to the entrance of hotel, I started to loose my consciousness, and fell down.

I felt I was going out from my body, entering into the tunnel. And tunnel was gorgeous, almost completely gold, in baroque style, which I like, shining and pulsing and inviting me to go further. But, the most impressive and touching experience was the song of hundreds or thousands of angels...Their crystal clear voices, perfect harmony while singing together, these divine songs which were so sweet and strong,...completely tuned with the core of my soul and fulfilling all my deepest desires. I could not wish anything else, then listen this chore of angels forever. They were giving me so much love, light and strength while singing, I just felt as Odyssey listening sirens, just could not resist. Just wanted not to return into my body any more, and stay with them. Every song was different, just perfect in complicated harmonies, perfect in melody lines, perfect in performance, amazing perfection in voices, which were no male, nor female...Unbelievable musical and spiritual experience I was blessed with.

It seemed to me that a lot of time was passed by, I was so deep in my experience. But my work colleagues decided not to let me stay with angels, and finally brought me back into my body. My first words were: "O my God, they are singing so lovely".

I returned back, but will never forget that love, that light ant that divine songs which were meant to worship the eternal joy of existence in any form we take.

Live is eternal. There is nothing else but LIFE and LOVE. Love created us, love guides us, love supports us, love will be that force which will help us to leave our bodies when the time comes. But there is nothing to be afraid, because we cannot stop to live, we just go step further, we just go freely into new choices of our existence. We do not loose ourselves, we always can become even more we, more ourselves... The unique tones of our souls will never cease to vibrate...and will live without ending in this enchanting, multidimensional universe.

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